Bibop Gresta – The Rockstar from Hyperloop Transportation Technologies


Just as one would think from his outer appearance, Bibop is a rockstar all over. He even acted in two Italian movies and produced several dance rap songs that made it into the top ten. But speaking about Bibop Gresta, most striking are his abilities as a business man. 70 – that´s the stunning amount of companies in which Bibop has been involved until today.

With the Hyperloop he is aiming at nothing less, than revolutionizing the way of transportation, just as the invention of the railway once did. The idea, of which first drafts go back to 1870, was brought up and published by Elon Musk – setting a competition between many companies to realize the vision first. Gresta´s company is the first actually building it, linking Los Angeles with San Fransisco. Further they recently signed a contract with Slovakia and plan to link Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna.

In his speech, Bibop embraced the capabilities of this technology, which is not even new, but also used in technologies like CERN in Switzerland. He sees traditional transportation to be extremely time consuming – just think about the amount of cars stuck in metropolises during rush-hour. Further the air pollution is enormous, best to be seen in cities like Beijing.

The Hyperloop overcomes exactly these problems. One can imagine its capsules as trains, only that there is no more friction with the rails, cause the capsules move over cushions of air. This frictionless system allows for much faster transportation with more than the speed of sound – or as Bibop puts it: “This is big bad ass”.

A further important statement from Bibop´s speech is that the “Industry of rail is a dinosaur”. He refers to the cost-competiveness of the Hyperloop, which is able to more than half the cost of traditional railways. The cost-inefficiency of the old transportation is to be seen in the amount of subsidies to keep the system running, which only shows how outdated the technology is. A railway-ticket costing USD 3.26 is subsidized with USD 2.50 by the state, with taxes. The fact, that railway transportation is set brick and mortar further hinders innovation. E.g scaling up the width of the rails would allow to carry more, leading to an enormous improvement in efficiency.

Last, he talked about several gimmicks of the Hyperloop capsules, focusing especially on its windows. These are actually not feasible within the capsules. The inconvenience is to be solved with 120k screens, serving as windows. These are called “Augmented Windows”, since people cannot differentiate reality from the augmented one due to the sheer resolution of 120k. Eyetracking-software combined with special cameras ensure the virtual reality effect.

Bibop closed his speech with an offer to meet for nothing less than a coffee with him 😉  Just share your rap song about the Hyperloop using the hashtag #startsummit and be considered for the competition.

//Update//  And here we go. The award-winning rap song:


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