START Hack x START Summit


During the weekend from March 11 – 13, 2016, START Hack turned St. Gallen into Europe’s technology hotspot. START Hack is a hackathon that is organized by a team at STARTglobal and took place last weekend for the first time ever. Over 200 tech students from nearly 30 countries formed more than 50 teams to work together non-stop and to create working prototypes in the focus topics FinTech, Internet of Things and Mobility. The atmosphere was incredible, and so was the feedback of the participants and our partners. New friendships were formed and ideas turned into reality during these intense 40 hours.

The products created ranged from an application to beam bitcoins via sound to an app that could make travelling via train safer in Switzerland. Dozens of participants from START Hack will be visiting the START Summit, so we’re curious to see which products will be turned into startups during this inspiring weekend. This Saturday, you will even be able to see showcases of two of the winner teams on the main stage.


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